Saturday, September 21, 2013

L'Oréal Colour Riche LE MATTE Review/Swatch

Hello LOVES!!! 

Happy Saturday!! 

So today was an errands day and well my boyfriend and I went everywhere  looking everywhere for a good Juicer 

So in the mist of looking for the juicer since we want to DETOX :) 
We ended up in TARGET and I had to look for the L'Oréal Le MATTE and La LAQUE 

OMG I have been looking for this for literally what seems like FOREVER 

and so I was able to find them so thats the good news... bad news.. I only got my hands on 1 :( 

I put it on this AM and gave it a try for the day and well I wanted to share my thoughts with you all :) 

Ok so lets begin :) 

I got (the only one there lol)... Le Matte in color 409 Matte for me which is like a cherry red (BOLD)

Cost $7.99 for .03oz/.9g

So my thoughts: 

This Product was super PIGMENTED you literally just nee one coat and be good 

They feel velvety I can compare it to the Rimmel Kate Velvet lipsticks

They are not drying at all they feel pretty good, not sticky, and glide on smoothly 

I did need to touch up after eating and drinking something and it left a stain behind which I like because my lips don't look plain 

Smell: It doesn't smell strong just like your normal L'Oréal lipstick smell but nothing you can really notice.

OVERALL GRADE :B+,  I think this is a good product but the price point for me is a bit too much for what the product really is and how much product we get.
 I think I will definitely need to try the La Laques and another Le Matte because I did Like them just didn't LOVE them.
 I feel there are other lipsticks like the Kate Velvet from Rimmel that can preform the same and are cheaper.

Have you found these at your nearest Target or BBB? 

How do you like them?

Thank LOVES hope you enjoyed!