Friday, March 29, 2013

Target Haul (E.L.F) & Swatches


Today I went to Target and had to buy some E.L.F Makeup 

e.l.f. to me is my favorite go to budget brand its of course a hit and miss with them at times but with me its usually a HIT 

So I wanted to swatch some items and see if any of you have tired these out?? 

If so please comment below and let me know ;) 

The #1 item that caught my eye was
e.l.f. studio mist set spray $2 

I already sprayed it and the thing I noticed that I did not like was the mist was huge it wasn't like the one from urban decay all-nighter which i feel its more thin and spreads out nicely so that may be a problem 

Item #2 the e.l.f palette's the first one is called 
Party Purple 

This one is called: Sea Escape (LOVING THIS ONE)

I think for $2 the pigmentation is awesome and the colors are great they are try to their color they can look a little chalky but still awesome Im thinking of trying them wet I can see them really standing out once wet! 
For the price def a great item to try and the colors are awesome

Item #3 the Elf Zit Zapper $1
 I like the packaging its cute its a rolling ball application, the smell is kind of strong but when I saw $1 and the ingredients (Tea tree oil) I had to try it out, I don't have acne prone skin but I do get a couple of pimples once in a while and cant wait to try it out... have you tried it out, what did you think?

 Item #4: Glitter Eyeliner in Cooper 

The glitter looks awesome I cant wait to wear it.. for one of those days where you dont want too much make up but want to stand out its PERFECT! 
the glitter is a bit sparse but you can get more and work with it to get it to the intensity you would like from the looks of it 

Hope you all liked this mini haul/swatch 

have you tried any of these products what do you think??? 



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