Thursday, February 27, 2014

Optic White + Whitening Pen Influenster

Hello LOVES!!!

Happy late V-Day!!!

So its about that time again... Influenster Time 

I was glad to have received the Influenster Colgate Optic White Vox Box (applause) 

I am super excited to give this a try since I am a soon to be Dental student and currently a Dental Assistant 

The kit comes with: 

A bunch of $3.00 off for another Toothbrush+Whitening Pen which I am excited to share with my Family and Friends as well as my BoyFriend that always wants to try what I get lol 

There is also a small travel size Optic White toothpaste ( I LOVE THIS TOOTHPASTE!!!) it is seriously my favorite toothpaste ever!! 

and of course the main player is the toothbrush with the whitening pen 

I have tried this once which was this morning and so far I really do like it the brush is in soft which is what is recommended and the whitening pen is good.. for those who have had whitening strips knows how it can be really bad in taste or just have that slimy feeling well the pen was safe on my gums and also doesn't have a bad taste I really did like the product. 

Let me know if you interested in before and after pics of post-op Review in about a week :) 

Thank you all for taking your time to read this if you were to have any other questions feel free to comment below 
Kisses XoXo 


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