Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dior AirFlash Foundation Review/Swatch

Hello My LOVES!!!

So today I was going through my makeup and since I bought my new Napoleon Perdis Airbrush Foundation Review here>> NP<<

I had forgotten about my Dior AirFlash Foundation which I LOVE!!! 

So I wanted to share a Review/Swatch with you all :) 

I am in the shade 400 its a bit darker then my skin tone but it blends well with my body ...
My Body is darker then my Face (I don't like getting sun on my face) 

Well the retail price for this is $60.00 for 23 Oz (OUCH I KNOW) 

I dont like the price but the product is AMAZING!!!! 

This foundation can be used form a LIGHT to a HEAVY coverage depending on how far form your face it is sprayed and how hard you press down on the spray tip 

I use this one as a foundation not as a setting spray because I just love the flawless finish it leaves I don't use a brush but when I do want to use an applicator I will use my Damp BeautyBlender and 
OMG it works wonderfully its like they were made for each other!!! 
(Above) 2 Spray's I wanted to show how good of a coverage this can be 

Ohhh Note.. you do need to work fast with the product because it does dry up rather quickly but then once again using a damp beauty blender will help with this 

Also when working with Dior Airflash or any other air brush foundation system put something on your hair to cover it and make sure not to wear anything white while putting it on because it can transfer and you def don't want it on your clothing.. 

Overall I give this an A+++++ 

I only use this for SPECIAL occasions because of the price but I would repurchase this and I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT 

Have you tried Dior AirFlash? What do you think? 


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