Friday, September 27, 2013

Rihanna Hearts MAC Swatches/ Haul/ Review

Hello My LOVES!!!

So Yesterday Was the Release date of Rihanna Hearts MAC line in Mac stores 

Not all stores just the stand alone MAC stores those stores that are partnered up with Macy's will not release the line till October 3rd (My BIRTHDAY!!!) and the line will be released online as well on September 28th

 I purchased 2 of the 4 lipsticks for $16.50 each and a pro long wear lip liner for $21.50 


The original line comes in 4 lipstick shades: 

  • Who’s That Chick — mid-tone orange frost 
  • Talk That Talk — matte dark plum (no picture)
  • RiRi Woo — matte cool red (not pictured)
  • Nude — cool nude cream matte 
The prolong lip liners come in 2 colors RiRi Woo (not pictured), andTalk That Talk.

I wish I could have bought the WHOOOLLLEEE line I mean that would be heaven sent lol but unfortunately the bank didn't allow it this time lol 
The line includes this: 

I mean who wouldn't want all that^ lol

So ok on to the review and swatches lets start with the lippies!!!! 
I LOVE them both!!! 

I was super scared about this color because its ORANGE but not just ORANGE its FROSTED!!!  but I had to get it. I love buying lippies that are strange and I have nothing like this one..  I really like it it isnt a bold color it is translucent and has shimmer which to me is what gives it its uniqueness compared to other orange colors we have seen.. it glides on SUPER creamy and I think if your into this color and the shimmer it will fit all skin tones.

 This color is AWESOME!! Its a Matte Lippie in the color NUDE its not really nude on my lips but I LOVE IT!!! It is a medium brown color which at times look kinda rosy
it feels super creamy even if its a matte not drying at all and it does come on matte although at times I think it looks like it has a little sheen in it what do you think? 

For the Pro Long liner I got the Talk that talk and OMG its AMAZING!!!! 

So the color is a Dark Plum purple
 I totally needed this for that Vampy lip color we all want for fall and I think this would be PERFECT!!! the price was a bit high for me at $21.50 but omg I guess it is true you get what you pay for because these little puppies do not smudge at all I mean I put it on and to take it off I needed make up remover haha 
The formula glides on nicely, but I recommending prepping with a tiny bit of lip balm to help it apply more evenly because it can be a little drying 

I hope you enjoyed this Haul/Swatches/Review 

Have you tried the new Rihanna Loves MAC line? what do you think?


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