Monday, February 25, 2013

Influenster Sweetheart VOXBOX!!!!

HEY Beauties!!!!!
So today I got my Influenster VoxBox (Sweetheart VoxBox) 
Those of you who dont know what Influenster is well here it goes: Influenster is a site where you can get absolutely FREE products to review!!! who loves free products??? I know I do!!! I encourage you all to go to and sign up!!! Unlock badges to become a candidate for one of these VoxBoxes 
Every month they have different products and some are HITS! and some misses! but isn't it a great Idea and there is one thing for sure... its FUN!!!!

This months name was the Sweetheat Voxbox due to Valentines day ( cute isn't it?!) 
And the products inside consisted of:
"Olay Fresh Effects"
"Secret Clinical Strength"
"Not Your Mother's"
"SkinnyGirl Daily"

I'm super excited to try these products out and Blog to you all about them.. 
First impressions from each: 
Secret Clinical Strength( stress sweat protection) Smells very good citrus smell Retail $7.99-$9.99
Olay Fresh Effects Power Contour Cleansing System: super excited I have always wanted the clarisonic one but never actually went out to buy it so I'm def going to give this a try and see how it works on my skin retail at $12.99 
The Olay Effects comes with a cleanser called Shine Shine Go AWAY!: this is another item I am super excited to try because I have super oily skin and well SHINE SHINE GO AWAY sound PERFECT for my skin! I have tried it all to control the shine so we shall see if this works (crossing my fingers it does) 
next we have the Skinny Girl On-The-Go Bard Retain$9.99/box of 5 I currently purchase these so I know they are good. For those who have not given these a try you def should. they have the same if not less calories then the Fiber one bars and well they are tasty and good on the go! I am always on the go between work and school and I just put one of these in my bag and BOOM when hunger strikes ...da da da to the rescue! haha also it had a lot of fiber and for us girls that is def a MUST! 
and last but not least Not your mothers ( She's a tease Volumizing Hair Spray) I currently use tresemme and love it but I am excited to change it up a bit.. I read on there that it doesn't leave the hair looking crunchy..YAY that is a major must for me I HATE crunchy hair! 

Well my beauties!! this is all for today I will def try all these out for a week or so and give you all my final verdict! 

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 Remm: LIVE, LOVE, and BLOG!  

Get to know me before we begin this journey!

Hey!!! Name is Tatiana no last name needed haha I was born and raised in the sunny side of Miami! 

So lets get to know me... first off I put up a couple pics to you can put a face with a name and well with what I say, its good knowing who the writer is I think :) 

any who back to about me. Im 26 yrs old who like i said was born and raised in Miami currently Dentist in the making hopefully sooner then later. I obtained my bachelors in psychology and a minor in biology and now I am doing my masters in biomedical sciences at the moment and then applying to dental school so hopefully that goes well and you guys come along for the ride! 

I am writing this blog because I like sharing my experiences whether its personal or even just how cute this lipgloss was that I bought and how amazing it looks! or how amazing was my dinner recipe last night, or even about a show I'm watching.