Monday, September 9, 2013

August Favs!!!

HEllo LOVES!!!

So I know its a bit late but better late then never!!! 

Its August Favs time!! 

I also have the you tube video on my August Favs so for those of you who love videos check it out here --> YouTUBE <-- 

Ok so on to the Aug Favs!! 

So I decided to do a drugStore Favs this time because I mean who doesn't LOVE drugstore Products right? 
And I decided to do it for an overall everyday look that I used ALL of August .. only time it changed was for those special nights out with my LOVE!! <3 Hehe

Loving the CoverGirl Outlast Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation 

$12.99 (Ulta)
I am in the color Golden Tan 
I have oily skin and use to use the Revlon colorstay for combination to oily skin and I mean that was my holy grail for everyday makeup until I met this LOVE <3<3<3
I am as you can see about to go to my second bottle of this CoverGirl Foundation.. I can say I have never been a CoverGirl Lover per-say but OHHH MAAANNN They killed it on this one.. I say if you have oily skin you MUST and I mean MUST try this out!! 
**I will warn you if does Oxidize throughout the day so keep that in mind when picking out a shade :) 
let me know what you think when you do! :) 

Powder.. This month I have gone through 2 of these puppies .. The Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in Medium 
$7.99 (CVS)
I love this Powder it keeps me Matte and it doesn't look cakey or powdery but give a good amount of coverage so for me this a must have! when I pair it up with my CoverGirl foundation its OMG!! AMAZING! <3 

For Blush I have been Using non stop the Milani Coming up Rose Blush *Limited Edition* 
$6.99 (Walgreens)

Ok so I bought this because the packaging and design were to DIE for!! lol The blush is in Romantic Rose it is a Matte blush when it goes on the skin it feels silky and has a satin finish its AWESOME IDK if you can still find these but if you can I would say def should try and get your hands on them :)

Rimmel Scandal Eyes *Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner*
 $4.99 (Walgreens)

OMG I cannot stop raving about this to everyone.. You have no idea I have been looking for a waterproof eyeliner that doesn't give me the 5 o'clock shadow lol <-Youtube can explain this haha<--
This is my new Holy Grail eyeliner.. It goes on sooo creamy and just glides and its SUPER BLACK!!! you simply have to try it.. and when they say waterproof..ohhh man they mean it this puppy wont come off with anything but makeup remover lol 

Mascara.. Maybelline GREAT LASH Lots of Lashes
$5.99 (Walgreens) 
Ok So this Mascara was one I just bought on a whim I honest didn't think I was going to like it because of the brush, Im more of a fat brush kinda gal lol but omg Let me tell you!!! 
The Brush is AWESOME!! I don't know about you but I suck at getting the inner corner and lower lashes done with those fat brushes.
With this brush I can get the length and volume and it holds my curl throughout the day its just an awesome product overall I would def recommend this to anyone who is like me and sucks at applying mascara to lower lashes or the inner corner. 

So for my lips my go to product was the Rimmel Kate Velvet Lipstick in 109  
Ok so this lipstick is not my FAVORITE but I really like it and it was the one I used pretty much the whole month of August ... The lipstick color is so pretty its bright coral color but not too shocking so those of you who want something matte and bright but not too bright you should def give this a try. 
The lipstick does have a small scent on it but its nothing that bothers me but those of you who don't like a scent on lipsticks you prob wont like this. 
It is long wearing, I did retouch after drinking something or eating but the color did leave a stain so it looked nice overall 
The lipstick is matte and not drying.. to me it feels like silicone on the lips.. kinda like they claim velvety its pretty cool and makes you want to rub your lips together all the time lol 
Have you tried any of these products? 
If so which ones and how did you like them?

Well loves hope you enjoyed this Blog on

my August Favs and don't forget to check out the link above for the youtube video 

LOVE you all XoXo 


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