Saturday, September 14, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Review/Swatches

Hello Loves!!

So its about that time 

Baby Lips Time!!!

Well Im sure you all have heard about these baby lips by now.. I finally got my hands on them.. I went to my local Bed Bath and Beyond and found them YAY but bad news is everyone before me got the other colors and I was only able to pick these 2 up out of the 6 shades they come in

I got "Just Peachy" 
"Berry Soft" 

these are medicated and they claim to "Quickly Soothes Provides Relief 12Hr Hydration"

I have not worn them for 12hrs but I have tried them out and this is my opinion 

#1) color payoff isn't too good, Im use to the original baby lips or the electric edition that left a lip stain and had pretty good pigmentation for being a balm  

Here are some swatches on with flash and the other without flash. 
The (Just peachy is on the left and the Berry Soft is on the Right) 

#2)there is No SPF but then again I don't think any of them have SPF but it would be cool If they did have it 

#3) Ok this is more of what worries me: the packaging states: " Use: for temporary relief of pain associated with fever blisters and cold sores" and "Directions: adult use only" apply to affected area not more than 3 or 4 times daily" Ok well here is why it worries me. I don't have fever or cold sores, and I put on lip balm like its going out of style!!! 

I hope everything will be ok with my lips, my Bf would hate it if I couldn't kiss him lmao

#4) I LOVE the smell.. some people will not love it BUT they smell like menthol hence they are .5% Menthol lol 
To me they smell like these candies (HAHA!)

The smell is kinda powerful at the beginning but once you have them on your lips the smell goes away 

#5) I LOVE the packaging: the white and the pastel colors go so well together it looks so cute 

#6) I do feel that these are more hydrating then the original baby lips so I do like that a lot I don't have super dry lips but I just love putting on a lip balm all the time: after my shower, under my lipstick, over my lipstick, before I go to bed... I know I'm weird lol 

Overall I do like these and give them an A+

Have you tried out the new baby Lips Dr. Rescue, if so what do you think?

Thanks loves!!


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