Monday, September 30, 2013

"New" Fall 2013 /Winter 2014 Drugstore Makeup Haul/first impression/Swatches

Hello My LOVES!!! 

So I went to my nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and I struck GOLD!! 
Finding the Winter 2014 line YAY!!! 

I got two things from the new Loreal Fall/winter 2014 line and the rest was from Revlon 

Lets BEGIN!!! 

Revlon I got 3 of the new Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks
these are interlocking shadows which I think is SUPER COOL!!! they are $2.49 each which is pretty good so you can create your own palette :) 

 I got Taupe 

Without flash on the Right  

I think these are very pretty but I felt like I needed to really pick up a lot of product for it to show but over all I think that with a primer it will be easier to apply 

With flash is the picture on the left 

The next Color I got was Peacock


        To the Right is without Flash

This color also did need to be built up as well but it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! this is my favorite of the 3 that I got 

To the Left is With Flash 

The last color I got from the line is Oyster 

This color was my least favorite because it is really chalky and I just didn't like the way it applied 

The picture on the right it without Flash 

The picture on the right is with Flash 

I think this will be good highlight color and after the chalkiness goes away the color does look nice  

I then picked up the new Revlon ColorBurst line I got 2 Matte and 1 Lacquer Lip
$6.99 each 

I picked up more Mattes then Laques because Im a sucker for matte lipsticks!! Im super excited abou these because I LOVE the just bitten kissables I carry one with me at all times lol 

Ok so for the Mattes I picked up MISCHIEVOUS

Without Flash (Below)
With Flash (Above) 

So even tho they are Matte they are not drying at all and feel like a balm they still have that minty smell just like the others 
This color was my least favorite because it is sheer and as you can tell you can see i def need to exfoliate lol 

Next color was my FAVORITE!!! Sultry 

This picture is with Flash 

    This picture is with out Flash 

This color is an AWESOME FALL color its GORGEOUS and as you can tell even though it is MATTE it still doesn't look drying and if def does not feel like it at all. This one also left a stain behind that was nice :) 

The last color I got was from the Lauquer Line and I got it in the color Provocateur 

These are a bit glossy they also have the minty smell and they are not sticky at all they feel very good on the lips and don't last as much as the matte but they do last and when you are eating and what not they transfer on to everything lol 

The picture above is without Flash and the one below is with a Flash 

Sexy huh lol 

Next two items were from Loreal I purchased the new Infallible BlackBuster 8hr liquid eyeliner  $7.89

So this was something I was looking forward to because I love me some LINER!!! I agree with Loreal about an 8 hr stay because I have had this on for about 10 hrs and it stays put! when the formula dries it drys quickly to a matte finish 
This makes it easier for me to control how much liner I want. sometimes I just want a tight line liner and with the tip of this I can get that and if I did want to build it up it makes it easy for me 

The next Loreal product I got was the Loreal Lash Out Butterfly $7.89

Ok I want to start with the packaging its is BEAUTIFUL love the gold finishing and the fact that they call it the butterfly AWWW super cute! but it does leave all my finger prints on there which I hate lol 
The formula: this was a very wet formula and IDK if its because its new but its really WET which is ok because it does dry rather quickly which is GREAT because I'm always in a RUSH
The product claims to extent the outer lashes and I can COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I have short lashes and they are sparse but with this I feel like it really does the job it separates and really give them some volume 
The above picture ( Loreal Butterfly used on upper lashed only) 

Overall I really like this mascara I think it is a great formula and had a great lasting power it is very build-able and does not flake YIPPIE 

Well loves I hope you enjoyed this Review/ Swatch/ Haul 

Have you seen any of these on your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond? 


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