Monday, October 7, 2013

Maybelline Color Elixir Lipgloss Collection Winter2013 Swatches/Review

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Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!! 

So this past week I found in my Bed Bath & Beyond the new line from Maybelline the new Color Elixir Lip glosses which is in their Winter 2013 collection 

Ok loves lets begin with this amazing review and product for purchasing if you dont have a Bath and Body Works you can simply go onto the Maybelline website >>Here<<

I want to start with the packaging I love it it looks super cool the top is a shiny silver which is super sleek but the downfall is that your finger prints stay stuck on it and you have to keep cleaning it off to keep it nice (OCD much huh lol) 

The clear park is pretty because if you look at the picture above you can see they make it look like a lipstick which is SUPER CUTE!!! 

The applicator is a FLEXIBLE angora brush which is one of my fav applicators to give that perfect lip color :) 

 I purchased 2 of the 20 colors and chose the 2 that were the BOLDEST colors to see the color pay off and I absolutely love PINK and PURPLE :) 
.17 Oz for $6.89 each

The shades that are available are: 
  • Breathtaking Apricot
  • Celestial Coral
  • Mauve Mystique
  • Mandarin Rapture
  • Signature Scarlet
  • Raspberry Rhapsody
  • Dashing Orchid                    
  • Vision In Violet 
  •  Amethyst Potion  
  • Caviar Couture        
  • Glistening Amber
  • Nude Illusion
  • Caramel Infused
  • Intoxicating Spice
  • Fuchsia Flourish
  • Captivating Carnation
  • Hibiscus Haven
  • Rose Redefined
  • Blush Essence
  • Petal Plush

  • The 2 I purchased were Fuchsia Flourish and Vision in Violet

    Maybelline States " A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss "

    I have to COMPLETELY agree with what maybelline states this is one of the best lip glosses I have!! 

    The smell is kinda of a vanilla type smell and kinda taste like it too but it doesn't bother me at all

    The pigmentation is AMAZING!!! it is very pigmented and the applicator is super easy to use 
    The gloss is not sticky and the staying power is GREAT for a gloss I got a good 4-5hr wear on them and then I started drinking and eating and the gloss wore away and then the color but it did leave a good stain that make my lips look CUTE. It really does act like a lipstick but has the glossy finish like a GLOSS 

    I feel like it hydrates the lips amazingly so if you have dry lips and want a great pigmented non sticky gloss you must def try this out 

    With these colors I with just one swipe it should cover very nicely but I can see people building this up to get a bolder color or if you do purchase the more neutral colors you may have to build it up a bit 

    No Flash (ABOVE) Flash (RIGHT) 

    No Flash (ABOVE) Flash (RIGHT)

    Well LOVES over all I did love these and will be purchasing more until I have the whole collection lol I give this an A+++

    Have you seen or tried these out? what do you think?? 


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