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10 Go-To Drugstore Products I absolutely LOVE

Hello Loves!!!

I had to Blog about my Go-To items!

I am a dental assistant and a student I wear make-up pretty much everyday and as a student I don't have the money to be buying all that fancy makeup to use everyday.. Even tho I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO!! 
I usually go for my drugstore make up which I swear by everyday! 

Item 1: Clean & Clear Morning Burst 
This cleanser is my HOLY GRAIL! 
I have oily skin and I live by this cleanser, I have tried so many cleansers and to me this is the one that keeps my face least oily and clear so to me it is my number one go to product at the drugstore.. which reminds me.. I need another one lol 

Item 2: Primer
I usually would buy the Mac prep+primer ($29) and then tried the Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer ($33) which to me is quite pricey since I use this every day so my friend told me about using the Monistat soothing powder gel as a primer, my first respond to that was.. EWWWWWW chaffing gel in my face HECK NO! lmao but for ($5.99) heck why not she was doing it and her face is FLAWLESS so guess what? 
LOVED IT!!! and I am still using it I have oily skin and for me it works wonders! I cannot say that it clears and completely mattifies my face but it does the same as the Givenchy Mister Mat and for super CHEAP! so its def a must :)

Item 3: Revlon Colorstay 24hrs (combination/oily)
Ok I am a foundation junky and well I'm sure we are all guilty of it... if its foundation and mascara im a junky I should probably be in rehab! lmao but ok back to this foundation, lets just say thank goodness I met you! like I mentioned before I have oily skin and have tried and keep trying many over the counter foundations and to me this has got to be the best for my skin. I love the medium to heavy coverage the foundation is very build-able and to me thats a PLUS and to add to it I love the fact that this foundation was is made for either normal/dry skin or combination/oily skin so its perfect for any type. Who doesn't love that and wait for it... its only ($11.99) in your local drugstore and when there are sales you might even find it for BOGO1/2 off 

Item 4: Concealer (Under-Eye) Super Stay 24
This to me is one of the best under eye concealer I like the packaging and how it comes with a little sponge applicator which makes it easy to place under eyes and work with.. Some don't like this product because they say its too cakey for under eye concealer but for me with a perfect under eye powder or highlight right after this product doesn't crease,for me this product is perfect for under-eye as wekk as to hid any redness and it literally last 24hrs. I can say that after a long day I still have concealer on haha and price ($6.49)

Item 5: Wet n Wild Coloricon 
Shade: (Reserve your Cabana) 
This is called a Bronzer and is part of the wet n wild bronzer collection but to me this is definitely not a bronzer its super light which is why I use this as an under eye/highlight. This highlight is not chalky and leaves a very nice sheen but without being glittery which is important we dont want to be looking like Edward from twilight lol. This is defiantly a must try product! and for ($3.99) DEF MUST TRY!

Item 6: Revlon Nearly Naked 
OK THANK YOU REVLON!! this is definantly replacing my MAC skin-finish which is super expensive this new product from Revlon is trully awesome. the powder is soft and goes on my skin so flawless of course over foundation and concealer I have some blemishes and def need foundation and concealer. This product is about ($9.99) and it is definitely worth the money. I can tell you that when you go purchase it and see the color it goes on a bit darker then it looks like on the package.. thats a little side note ;) 

Item 7: Loreal Double Extend (Blackest Black) and Maybelline The colossal (Blackest Black)
When it comes to mascara I like mixing 2 and to me these are the best two at the moment that I mix the Loreal Double Extend is the one I start with step 1 which is the primer and helps extend the lashes then I go on with the step 2 which is just the mascara after this I am left with nice set of lashes for about ($10.99) but IDK about you guys but I LOVE clumpy spider lashes to me they look super sexy!! so I add the Maybelline colossal volume express  for ($6.99) and this finishes the sexy lashes that everyone at work raves about! haha 

Item 8: Maybelline Line express (Black) 
To me this liner is just the one I always go to for my water line I have tried other liners and to me this is the one that at the end of a long day my liner looks close to perfect so for ($6.99) I def think you all should try it.. its creamy and glides on so nicely as well as the pigment is really black, I cant say its the best but its def my favorite drugstore one!

Item 9: Maybelline Blush  in Coral Burst 
This was released by maybelline as a limited edition color for their spring 2013 collection I must say MAYBELLINE you nailed it on pigmentation as you can tell the picture above there is still a smear of the blush after I tried removing the swatch. The blush is a satin low shimmer blush not too shiny tho and looks amazing on any skin tone. I have been looking for an orange blush and I think this is a perfect togo to blush, the wear of this blush is very good :) and for a reasonable price ($7.99)

Item 10: Maybelline (Totally Toffee)
Who loves a nice lip. Well I know I cant leave this house without lipstick to me this is the perfect nude lip and its so creamy and just PERFECT!!! I use it alone and it looks good and also with gloss its just perfect and for those who love Mac you can say this lipstick is a dupe for MACs "Hug Me" lipstick.. so if your looking for that perfect nude lip that is creamy and nice pigmentation you must definitely try this one  (7.49)

What is your Go-To Drugstore product? 
If you have tried and loved any of these products or have any questions feel free to comment!



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