Monday, March 11, 2013

My Opinion on the Sweetheart VoxBox

So I had the time to test out the Sweetheart VoxBox that I posted on about 2 weeks ago 
check out that blog :) 

Ok lets begin! 
The Not You mothers Teasing hair spray: LOVED IT!!! it didn't leave my hair crispy it wasn't sticky and it dried instantly which made it good to tease while still kept it in place so its definitely a product I will repurchase and will replace my current hairspray 

The secret clinical Stress relieve deodorant: another LOVE the smell is citrus and it was literally a stress effective deodorant. You def have to try it out especially if you are like me and live in a humid place you can get sweaty in the underarms at times, once again this is a must try 

Olay Shine Shine go away system: Ok this was the product that when I opened the box I was like OMG YESSSSS!!! I wanted to try out one of those cleaning products. I must say the one I still do want to try is the clarisonic one that the bristles move which to me may be better as a cleaning system. The Shine Shine go away from olay I can say I did like but it wasn't much of a cleanser or at least that my thought on it, to me it was more of a massager and the little brush just vibrates on the face, which do not get me wrong it feels good... VERY good lol but I don't feel like it cleans the dirt away. about the cleanser itself I think it was pretty go and I would repurchase it I have always stuck to my morning burst and will still but the Olay one says its for people prone to oily skin which it why its called shine shine go away.. duh lol but for me it did the same as my regular morning burst cleanser so this to me was not a must have but more of a thanks Influenster I tried something new and equally as good :) 

Last but not least.. the skinny girl bar.... 2 words.... LOVED IT!!! 

well guys and gals if you have aswell had the chance to try out this VoxBox or any of these products please feel free to comment and tell me what you think 


P.S dont forget LIVE,LOVE,BLOG!

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