Monday, February 25, 2013

Get to know me before we begin this journey!

Hey!!! Name is Tatiana no last name needed haha I was born and raised in the sunny side of Miami! 

So lets get to know me... first off I put up a couple pics to you can put a face with a name and well with what I say, its good knowing who the writer is I think :) 

any who back to about me. Im 26 yrs old who like i said was born and raised in Miami currently Dentist in the making hopefully sooner then later. I obtained my bachelors in psychology and a minor in biology and now I am doing my masters in biomedical sciences at the moment and then applying to dental school so hopefully that goes well and you guys come along for the ride! 

I am writing this blog because I like sharing my experiences whether its personal or even just how cute this lipgloss was that I bought and how amazing it looks! or how amazing was my dinner recipe last night, or even about a show I'm watching. 

Who is the audience I want to target? honestly EVERYONE!!!! heehee I cant say I have a specific and who knows maybe I do when I continue blogging but as of now I think everyone is my target 

More about me daily: I am you not so typical girly girl... I enjoy cooking and I lOOOOOVVVVE make-up (I'm NO professional be advised)  and getting my mani and pedi weekly (cant stant ugly toes and nails), going out with the girls for a nice glass of wine, getting my facials done, and who can resist clothing... Im a shopping FANATIC I know every girl says this but I honestly think Im up there when it coming to buying not just clothing but really ANYTHING!!! my mom keeps telling me I need help haha.. but why I say not so typical? well because at the same time I LOVEE Sports (Miami HEat #1) and love video games!!!! I have an XBox360 Im into all my electronics and always want the new one out there, I also enjoy working out and Im not talking about getting on the treadmill or elliptical I like being with the big boys!! def would love to give out some health tips :) 

So If you would like to get to know me more and want to ask some questions please feel free to comment :) 

PLEASE don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

Im new to this so any constructive criticism is accepted haha 

My life: Fashion, Fitness, Wine, Friends, & Family!!! XOXO 

dont forget LIVE, LOVE and BLOG!

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